Full-Time Maid in Singapore

A full-time maid is usually referred as foreign domestic worker (FDW). Most of them comes from Indonesia, Philippines, Myanmar, India, Bangladesh and Sri Lanka. Under MOM-Employers' guidelines, Employer are expected to provide basic needs such as food, a bed with mattress, a blanket, towels and toiletries, as well as a fan if the sleeping area has poor ventilation. Employer have to ensure that sufficient private space for sleep is provided for the FDW. 

The salary ranges from $400-$450 per month for a new FDW with little or no experience. If the FDW has several years of experience in her own country or in other countries, her salary will be $20 to $100 more.

If you decide to hire a full-time live-in maid you can apply for the FDW (Foreign Domestic Worker) work permit yourself or go through an agency. The process of work permit application can seem lengthy and is not without risks. However, the benefits of having help whenever you need it can prove invaluable. One of the easiest ways to find a maid is through an agency, which should be up-to-date with current employment laws. However, you will be subject to an agency fee, which can be as high as SGD$1K.

Typically, the agency should provide you with Biodata of the prospective maids. Once you have made your choice the agency will contact the maid in her home country and tell her to prepare to come to Singapore. The agency should also help you with the paperwork required for the work permit.
Maids’ salaries start around SGD$450 a month and you must provide suitable accommodation and food.
As the current law stands, the maid is entitled to at 4 days’ leave per month . The total cost of hiring a domestic help can be as high as SGD$3000.00.
The law governing domestic workers is subject to change. If in, doubt contact the Ministry of Manpower for information.